Top Features For an Evangelism Tent

What are the features people are looking for in a tent?

To have the best evangelism venue experience you need to use the following checklist given to us by Joe Doenuts at Baltimore House Painting.

1) Powerful sound system
You need a powerful sound system so you can play messages out loud while delivering God’s Word through music and other audio media. People like hearing the Gospel preached through different means, so make sure your speakers can handle this.

2) Comfortable seating
Prepare comfortable seating inside the tent, so people won’t have to stand up during events and sermons. Wooden benches are ideal since they’re easy to move around, and you won’t need to do much maintenance on them. If you don’t want to spend much on furniture, you can also consider using foldable chairs or plastic stools.

3) Large stage for sermons
The stage is where the preaching will occur, so make sure it’s spacious enough for your speakers to move around freely. You can use carpets or rugs on the floor to soften its hard surface and make it more comfortable for people to sit on.

4) Audiovisual equipment
You need to have an audio system ready so that you can play out God’s Word through sermons, testimonies, and other audiovisual mediums. It would be best to have enough lighting in the tent with surrounding fixtures since some areas can be dark at night.

5) Open space
You need to provide an open space for people who want to walk in and out of the tent without any problems. Avoid obstructions along the way so they can go in and out seamlessly.

6) Area where people can relax
People attending events in your evangelism venue may feel exhausted after standing up for hours so consider adding an area where they can relax. You can set up drinks tables around this area with comfortable chairs and small rugs for them to sit on.

7) Availability of water
You need to provide enough water for your guests whether they want to drink it or use it to clean, brush their teeth, or wash their face. This will make them feel refreshed and keep them hydrated so they won’t be easily affected by outside weather.

8) Separate area for smokers
Not all people want to stay in a smoke-filled tent, so you need to have two separate areas for smokers and non-smokers. You can also provide an ashtray for them to properly dispose of their cigarette butts and ashes, as well as set up a separate exhaust fan to help evacuate smoke quickly.

9) Area for kids
Kids are usually excited during revival days, so you need to ensure they won’t cause any trouble or potentially get harmed inside your tent. You can designate an area for them that you can equip with toys, mats and entertainment gadgets for them to use.

10) Area where food is served
People usually get hungry during events, so it’s best if your tent comes with its kitchen and dining area where they can order different food items or eat their meals comfortably while enjoying the event. Place the kitchen near the dining area so it won’t be too far for people to find their way there when they want to eat.

11) Bathroom
People attending events will undoubtedly need to use the bathroom during the day, so ensure your evangelism tent has its restroom with toiletries and towels available for guests. You can set up a changing room to change their clothes if they want to.

12) Cleaning area
It would be best if you had an area where your guests can place used cups, plates and other utensils so they won’t be lying on tables or the ground when no one is using them anymore. Make sure it’s near the entrance of your tent so it will be more convenient for people to place their garbage there whenever they’re done with their meals.

13) Availability of first-aid and medical supplies
You need to set up a first-aid station inside your evangelism venue, as well as stock up on some emergency medicines like pain relievers, bandages, antiseptics and other critical medical supplies.

14) Emergency exit/escape route
Your tent needs at least two ways where people can quickly get out of it in case of an emergency or fire accident. It would be best to make sure any objects, furniture or equipment do not block the exit routes so your guests can easily find their way when they need to go outside.

15) Food storage area
It would help if you had an area where you can place food items being served in your tent so it won’t get in the way of other people using the space. There should also be a separate refrigerator for you to keep drinks cold and food to make sure they won’t spoil quickly.

16) Fan/heater units
People attending revival events may feel hot or cold depending on the weather outside, so you need to provide enough heaters or fan units installed inside your venue to keep them comfortable throughout the event. You should also include a thermometer inside your tent, so you’ll know what temperature your guests are okay with.

17) Electricity facilities
You need to have an electrical source near your tent so you can plug in all the equipment you might use during the event, including lights, speakers and other electronic gadgets. It would help if you also placed a circuit breaker inside your venue, so it will be easier for people to cut the power off if electrical equipment starts causing problems inside your tent.

18) First aid and medical treatment available
People attending revival events may need minor first-aid to help them feel better, like treating allergy flare-ups or other skin irritations. You should set up a first-aid station near your tent with over-the-counter drugs like Tylenol, antihistamines and other standard medicines. It would help if you also had an area where you can place used cups, plates and utensils so people won’t accidentally step on them or get them dirty.

19) Fire extinguishers
You need to make sure your evangelism tent is equipped with fire extinguishers. You can place these items inside a cabinet, wall unit or somewhere else where they won’t impede your guests.

20) Garbage compactor
It would be best if you had an area where you can quickly dispose of garbage that people leave behind after eating in your tent or from other events that might take place there. You may even install a garbage compactor so you won’t have to worry about repeatedly disposing of them on your own.

21) Lighting
Ensure the lighting inside your tent is adequate for people to see clearly, especially when eating or working there during night events. You should also set up light switches near the entrance and exits in case they need to go outside for any reason.

22) Lockers
You need to provide your guests with a secure locker to keep their belongings while attending revival events in your tent. You should also make sure the lockers you’re placing inside are well ventilated and spacious enough, as well as padlock them securely to prevent theft.

23) Mobile storage units
It would help if you had mobile storage units inside your tent to place personal belongings, food items and other equipment needed in the event. You need to make sure these units are not blocking the pathways or emergency exits of people attending revival events in your tent.

24) New Testament reference materials available
People attending revival events in your tent may have questions about the teachings of the Bible, so you should have New Testament reference materials available for them to use. Depending on what people attending your evangelism event are most comfortable with, you can provide copies or electronic versions of these materials.

25) Obtaining liability insurance
It would help if you got adequate liability insurance so you can cover damages or injuries that might occur inside your tent while it is not in use. You may also consider getting personal umbrella liability coverage for yourself, especially if your evangelism events are scheduled outside of regular business hours.

26) Port-o-lets
You need to provide port-o-lets near the entrance of your tent so people can use them in case they need to go. It would be best if you placed these units close enough to the entrance of your evangelism tent so people won’t have problems with accessibility.

27) Prayer space
You need to have a separate area inside your tent where people can pray and seek God’s guidance during revival events in your tent. You should also keep it free from any distractions so guests can focus on communing with God during these events.

28) Prayer stations
You should also provide prayer stations outside your evangelism tent where people attending revival events can stop for a brief prayer or meditation. You may place rocks or other items associated with spiritual awakening at these stations.

29) Restroom facilities
You need to ensure a restroom facility inside your evangelism tent for guests who might feel the need to use the bathroom during events. You should place this unit near the entrance of your tent so people won’t have problems with accessibility.